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  • Eskibel, guarderia gipuzkoa
  • Eskibel, guarderia gipuzkoa
  • Eskibel, guarderia gipuzkoa
  • Eskibel, guarderia gipuzkoa
  • Eskibel, guarderia gipuzkoa
  • Eskibel, guarderia gipuzkoa
  • Eskibel, guarderia gipuzkoa
  • Eskibel, guarderia gipuzkoa
  • Eskibel, guarderia gipuzkoa
  • Eskibel, guarderia gipuzkoa

Educational offer

1.- Trilingualism
From the very beginning our school has adopted the trilingualism educational curriculum. Since the age of 3, the day at school is divided in three parts with the same hours for each language. Each of these three languages, Spanish, Basque and Englishcovers a 33 % of their day. These languages are used as lingua franca in several subjects.
The pupils of 1 and 2 years old have a total immersion in English and Basque.

Our trilingual project has been really pioneer in the Basque Autonomous Community and due to that, the Department of Education of the Basque Government distinguished it with the mention as the singular innovation project of the year in 2000.


2.- Early stimulation
The schools of Coas have being implementing the early learning for years, through sensory, cognitive, motor and conductive stimulation.
It is a fact that the first six years are the most important in order to build up solid personalities.

The neurological progress has shown that at the age of three the brain has matured and developed around 50 % of its capability. Therefore, it is important to provide the chid with an environment full of sensorial, visual and tactile stimulus.

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3.- Psicopedagogical orientation
Eskibel with the aim to prevent, detect, and monitor any learning problems, has a psicopedagogical orientation department.
This department guarantees that our pupils receive a more specific support which ensures the education progress, the development of their capacities and the achievement of different skills.


4.- Education in habits
Since the age of one year we start educating our pupilsin the acquisition of personal and social habits and values.
Pre-scholl is the most favourable moment for the children to acquire habits, as they are in the sensitive period to learn them.

5.- Christian education
The schools of Coas´ educative projects share the spiritual and ethical values of christianity based in the Catholic Church doctrine.

According to their age, the pupils are taught to pray and love Jesus and Our Lady.

At school there is a chaplaincy service, in charge of a priest of Opus Dei, for those parents who ask for it.

6.- Teaching for Thinking and Comprehension
Since the year 2001 we have incorporated to our educational projects, methodologies that provide an added value to the actual education: the Zero Project of Harvard University and the thinking based learning of the Boston National Centre for Teaching Thinking.

The very last reason for the incorporation of these two projects at our programming is to improve the pupils thinking skills at any curricular subject or area and therefore help them to be able to think in a better and more mature way. Due to that, the teaching - learning process, guided by the teachers staff, will result more effective.

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