In our centers each student deserves constant attention, individual treatment and an appropriate follow-through focusing on school achievement as well as integration into life at school, while respecting personal freedom at all times. This is something that distinguishes us essentially from all the other educational centers in our area.


The figure of the personal tutor arises in this way, in our centres. He is a teacher that assumes responsibility for helping the parents with each child’s education, maintaining a collaborative attitude, never domineering. The tutor assists the student in his school performance, motivating and advising him. He/she is the one that encourages him day by day, to maintain a positive attitude of self-improvement, helping him in this way, to forge a strong, free and balanced personality.


In order to be able to develop this task effectively, the tutor has specific preparation and allotted time, but can also count on the commitment of the family. What characterizes the relationship between parents, teacher and student is permanent and honest dialogue. This way it is possible to detect potential problems and to treat them appropriately by maintaining close collaboration between family and school.