The Department of Psychopedagogy’s (D.O.P) main objective is the prevention, detection and pursuit of learning problems. It has been created to guarantee our students a more specific support that underpins the progress of their education, the development of their capacities and the acquisition of skills.



Through the correct programming of primary Education, the D.O.P works to assure students’ good sensorial, motor, linguistic and social development.



By means of observation, one works to gather the maximum amount of data in each case. The observation of the students depends above all on; teachers, tutors, the DOP and the parents. Once the problem and its causes are detected, the necessary means must be provided to remedy it.


Follow through

For effective follow-through the exchange of information is absolutely necessary, observations, experiences, continuous evolution, clear and truthful, and the coordination between specialists – in this case -, the student’s parents and the school: tutor, teachers and D.O.P.