The university Program Excellence is an educational program that derives from the collaboration between the Educational Group COAS and the University of Navarra whose main objective is to improve the education of the participant students in five ways:


1) To acquire the necessary intellectual maturity for university studies.
2) To promote excellence in academic, personal and professional fields.
3) To develop a humanist vision of the social, scientific and technological aspects of reality.
4) To develop habits of intellectual rigor, dialogue and argument.
5) To be able to understand the complex and changing situation of the current world and to acquire a firm commitment to the improvement of society.


The duration of the program is over two courses and it is structured in four areas: university and professional competences, thematic contents, university orientation and solidarity and service.


The University is involved in the development of some of the activities and in the academic management of the program. Through an academic committee, made up of professors of different disciplines, the centres are given guidance and the programs proposed are endorsed.