Any institution that prides itself on the excellence of the people it educates thanks to their experience and learning, will want to contribute and to enrich to the institution that thought them. The schools of the Educational Group COAS are no exception to this practice. On the contrary, right from the first groups of school leavers they have been considered our own and there are several schools of our group that have associations of Former Students whose main goal is to build friendships, exchange experiences and to cooperate with the school in promoting its educational system and projects.


Former Students can continue to participate in the Educational Project of the schools through their Former Students Association, where they are offered the chance to continue their education which began at their school. This continuity is a unique feature of our centres.


The Associations of Former Students are a meeting place where training, cultural, sports and assistance activities are developed.


At the same time, as years go by, these students we once had become the parents of the future, because they seek the same education that they have received for their own children, thanking us in a way, by placing their children in our trust.