The 10th of December the students of 3rd Secondary went to see the famous play A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens;a novel we had already read in class.

We went by bus to Lugaritz Culture Centre where we met other schools. The play started with some shocking special effects. The setting and the characters´clothes were so good that we inmediately immersed ourselves in Dickens´times.

The actors showed their professionalism with their performance, there were only four of them who played all the different roles and they did it beautifully! Their English was also very good. The cast even introduced some “modern” scenes which obviously do not appear in the original text, we had an absolutely astonishing Lady Gaga ghost, for example.

When the performance had finished, two of the actors, who were in charge of the company, joined us and answered a few of our questions. The play turned out to be really interesting and entertaining for us. We enjoyed it a lot and had a lot of fun. We came back to school looking forward to having a similar experience soon!!