COAS Educational Group is comprised of 6 schools and four private children’s educational centres, with state approval and funding, which are well established in Bizkaia, Gipuzkoa and La Rioja (northern Spain).


We have been in education since 1971, thanks to the initiative and vision of a group of families who along with professional teachers, agreed to set up an educational community, with the sole purpose of offering high quality education to our current society, focusing on Christian values, innovation and creativity.


Our approach to education is centred on innovation and excellence This is achieved through the involvement of our pedagogical departments with the advice and assessment of other prestigious educational institutions.


From its origins, COAS has based its educational emphasis on the criteria of the parents, their children’s first educators, on the tireless efforts of our teachers, and on the trust of our students, as well as on the recognition of all the institutions of our sole task; i.e. the will to educate.