The pedagogic model adopted by our schools is that of single sex, except at infant education level, guaranteeing identical professional qualifications for everybody and the same educational objectives, material and equipment.


This educational option is one of the pillars on which our educational project is built. Hence, the identity of our schools. Since these first educational centres were projected we opted for this pedagogic system to educate our students despite the equality of boys and girls in rights and duties, dignity and the human condition as it recognizes the existence of a series of innate differences characteristic of each sex and takes advantage of them to optimize their possibilities and to guarantee an equality of opportunities.


We are fully convinced that merely by recognizing and giving an appropriate treatment to the differences between women and men can we achieve equality between the sexes. Rejecting the differences causes discrimination, by treating them as limits and obstacles. By appreciating the differences it will help to create equality, and thus overcoming obvious stereotypes.


Technical and scientific advances have allowed us to make great progress in the diverse natural differences between men and women. Masculine and feminine brains, although the same in percentage terms as regards intelligence, are notably different in structure and operation with an indisputable connection between brain, hormones and behaviour. This cerebral sexual dimorphism requires an adequate approach with regard to education.


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