The current educational context demands a combination of new methodologies with good prior didactic knowledge so that the contents of the curriculum are significant and functional for the students. This requires the teaching staff to update their educational knowledge and practice because of ground-breaking proposals which give the student a much more central and active role in the learning process.


The Educational Group COAS is aware that more and better training for our teaching staff will be reflected in a better education of our students, and help our schools reach a higher level of excellence. Therefore, our group draws up an annual retraining plan for each centre. This plan includes all the subjects on the curriculum. Also, once a year, a training day is organized for our more than 300 teachers whose objective is none other than to promote an exchange of educational experiences amongst the teachers of COAS and to provide an atmosphere for team work.


Periodically throughout the course encounters are planned between the Pedagogic area of COAS and the heads of departments of the schools during some working meetings which we call ETIS (inter-school working teams) where team work is encouraged and the development of the pedagogic projects are undertaken.